• Using color in an office setting

  • How do you think about color when you’re designing your office? It’s easy to incorporate pops of color in small accessories around the workspace that add a bit of personality, while still tying together the entire room.

    Think about little accent pieces you can use to show off your company colors. Your entrance mats are a great place to start, because they can feature your brand hues and also invite guests in. This splash of color can help set the stage for the feel of the rest of your office space.

    Small Business Trends suggests that colors can also be a great way to keep the office organized. For example, if your business has multiple departments, separating them by area and painting the walls specific colors can help a visitor understand how the staff is laid out in the floorplan. Additionally, the news provider suggests simply color coding specific areas of the office. Maybe have all of your meeting rooms be one color, and break rooms are another color.

    You’ll want to keep feelings in mind when planning what colors to use. According to the Small Business Chronicle, different shades can invoke certain feelings. For example, cool colors like green and blue can help people relax, while red can help stimulate a worker.