• Anti-fatigue mats add layer of safety, comfort to host stand

  • When working at the host station of a restaurant, you may not realize how alert you need to be. In between greeting customers and getting them to their seats in a timely manner, you also need to navigate the layout of the restaurant and make sure you’re evenly distributing new customers throughout different sections.
    It’s a lot of time spent on your feet, and it can be particularly hard on the joints if you’ve been standing for a while. Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to any restaurant, because they not only provide extra traction that adds a layer of safety in the fast-paced environment, but they can also give comfort to joints that would otherwise be bothered by the hard floors.
    Anti-fatigue mats have a layer of padding that can ease the burden more than a thin rug or carpet. When working as a host, you want to make sure you can move quickly without having to pause due to joint pain. Additionally, things can spill in restaurants pretty frequently, and these mats help reduce the chances of slipping on something that spilled on its way to a table. Employees will not only feel safe on the job, but they’ll also have a bit of comfort.