• Be proactive in safety communication with employees

  • When you’re a manager, it’s critical that you communicate all safety hazards to your employees. Having rubber anti-fatigue mats around can help reduce a person’s chance of falling while on the job, and setting up the workplace to take a more proactive approach to safety can go a long way, but you still need to make sure you’re communicating hazards.
    According to Safety and Health Magazine, more workplaces are taking a proactive approach to the workplace safety culture by educating employees about the various hazards that could put them at risk for harm. The news provider argues that many companies will focus on a hazard once someone is injured on the job, but it’s important to record near accidents as well so you can have a clear picture of the potential hazards that may be in the workspace.
    EHS Today reports that leadership should be in the know whenever implementing a new safety plan. Any potential hazards need to be properly communicated to managers, so they can come up with an appropriate strategy and communication plan. The news provider also reports that management can appoint a point-person for each team to be the go-to should any employees have questions or safety concerns.