• Entrance mats help defend your building against winter

  • The wintry weather can bring about slick roads and floors, potentially causing accidents to passersby. In order to prevent falls, businesses have to take lots of different precautions to make sure patrons and their workers are aware of the slippery situation.

    You’ll want a line of defense from the snow and ice. First and foremost, clear the outside pathway of as much snow and ice as possible. Next, you’ll want to sprinkle some rock salt, or ice melt, in order to keep shallow puddles from forming into skating rinks. The salt can also provide some extra traction.

    That’s not to say the salt doesn’t provide its own headaches. It can get stuck under walkers’ shoes and track its way into your place of business. Entrance mats can help prevent both salt from being tracked on hardwood floors and from outside moisture from accumulating.

    By using entrance mats that absorb water, you’ll have a better chance of preventing puddles from forming. These mats will not cause leaks of their own, either. When people walk in, they tend to stomp their feet to wipe off their shoes. Choosing a mat with treading can help collect any of the excess salt brought in from the outdoors. Not only will your floors thank you, your guests will too.

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