• Focus on posture while at work

  • Sitting at work for long hours in the day can have a negative impact on overall health. While getting anti-fatigue mats and placing them around standing desks is a great way to encourage taking the time to stretch out the legs during the day. However, it’s also important to be aware of your posture while in the sitting position.
    According to Consumer Reports, having poor posture while at work can result in lingering pain, and if you fail to correct your posture over time, it could have long-lasting effects. The news provider suggests getting a standing desk and taking breaks throughout the day to ensure you’re straightening your posture. While it can be grating to be on your feet all day, taking the time to stretch out the joints is a great way to reset the body. According to the news provider, the optimum time split should be 20 minutes sitting to every 8 minutes standing to every 2 minutes moving around.
    Mashable reports you can also make little adjustments while you’re sitting at your desk, such as making sure your ears are at your shoulders. This is a good indicator of whether you’re leaning too far forward or back. Also lifting your shoulders up and down can help loosen your muscles.