• Keep employees more engaged for higher safety rates

  • Do you have anti-fatigue mats around the workspace? Not only can these mats provide comfort to those who are on their feet all day, but can also provide traction when things get busy in the workplace. It’s easy to trip and fall either due to a slippery floor or a raised object on the ground, so anti-fatigue mats can bring an extra layer of protection.
    However, in addition to making the workplace a safer environment physically, you should also work on educating your employees to ensure they’re aware of the safety hazards of the workplace. According to EHS Today, a culture of workers that are engaged in safety are less likely to experience an accident while also improving productivity. The news provider found disengaged workers led to 49 percent more accidents and an absenteeism rate 37 percent higher than engaged cultures.
    It’s critical that every employee has a stake in work safety practices. According to Gallup, giving all workers a stake in overall safety and the mission of the workplace can help drive safety measures. The source suggests making sure employees understand how important their jobs are, so they can take pride in their work and pay closer attention while on the job.