• Make your entryway as welcoming as possible

  • Welcoming people into your office begins with the first impression. This means you want the entryway to be as inviting as possible. Purchasing logo entryway mats are a great way to incorporate company branding into a first impression.

    According to Corp Magazine, entryways serve as the first line of welcoming potential customers, partners and employees into your office space. You want it to feel warm and inviting, so people feel comfortable upon entering. Keep someone at the front desk to serve as a greeter to all who enter. The front desk person can also take care of coats, notify the right people when their guests have arrived and offer any beverages.

    The news provider also suggests thinking about the furniture. You want your guests to feel comfortable while they wait, so investing in plush designs that are comfortable without the appearance of being worn in can be a great welcome.

    Entrepreneur Magazine reports companies should also think green. Plants not only provide a better oxygen flow to the area, but the news provider also says that they show the office is well-maintained. The source says when it comes to plant size, bigger plants are more appealing; you just need to make sure you have the capacity to care for them.

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