• Standing for prolonged periods could be linked to health risks

  • When you’re standing at work for long hours each day, you may find that you have joint pain by the time your shift has ended. While anti-fatigue mats can help ease the physical stress that comes from standing for prolonged periods, it’s still important that you’re paying attention to other aspects of health.
    According to Safety + Health Magazine, standing for long hours each day at work could have an impact on a person’s chance of heart disease. The news provider links to a study that tracked approximately 7,300 people who had no history of heart disease prior to the study. The study lasted for 12 years and by the end, 3.4 percent had heart disease. The researchers found that people who spent the majority of their jobs mostly standing, as opposed to workers who spent more time sitting.
    However, it’s important that workers are informed so they’re able to take breaks while on the job. CNN suggests in order to get the right balance, you should stand for every 8 minutes of work that you have. Be sure to take sitting breaks throughout so you keep your blood flowing and muscles engaged. Also taking walks around can help you shift weight and ease the burden.