• Stop illness from spreading during the school year

  • Now more than ever, school janitors need to be on high alert when cleaning to help keep germs from spreading. In a packed environment, illness can travel quickly, particularly during the colder months. Using microfiber cleaning cloths to wipe down surfaces can help germs from spreading.

    WebMD reports that children spreading germs through school affects whether or not the rest of the community gets sick, as the child returns home and potentially infects their family after coming into contact with bacteria earlier in the day. The news provider reports because children are frequently in close contact with one another, and often have sticky fingers that they put around their faces, they can easily pass germs to each other.

    Cleaning the surface areas of classrooms and materials that children use is one way to help prevent the germs from spreading further. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, germs frequently spread when multiple people are touching an infected surface, and then go on to touch their eyes, nose or mouth. By wiping down each surface thoroughly, the cleaning staff can help reduce the spread of infection among students. In addition to cleaning surfaces, the janitorial staff may want to consider doing a deep clean in rooms where there has been a lot of sick kids.

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