• Striking a healthy balance with bacteria

  • We frequently use microfiber cleaning cloths in order to keep bacteria at bay. This can be particularly helpful in the winter months, when germs are running rampant and are easily spreadable to passersby. Not only should cleaning crews use these cloths when cleaning surfaces on a nightly basis, individuals can take advantage of them and use the cloths for their own personal areas, particularly if people around them are sick. While regular cleaning to avoid bacteria is a smart practice, many people may not realize that certain bacteria is essential for also staying healthy, there’s a fine balance.

    According to the Huffington Post, having a positive bacterial balance in the body can provide a lot of benefits, including healthy intestines, digestive tract and increasing intestinal healing. Additionally, the right kinds of bacteria can help keep inflammation at bay.

    One way people can make sure they have healthy bacteria in their system is paying attention to their diet and exercise. According to the news provider, living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to promote good bacteria within the body.

    There are certain foods that contain healthy bacteria, according to Shape Magazine. The news provider suggests consuming things such as miso, Kombucha, Kefir, sauerkraut and yogurt, all of which have healthy bacteria that can help the digestive system.