• The cleaning industry turns to sustainability

  • Cleaning products are crucial to preventing germs in the workplace, but unfortunately with some can be hazardous to the environment, depending on the severity of chemicals used. It’s important that crews know what’s on their cleaning carts in an effort to reduce the amount of severe chemicals in a place of business. Not only is this practice beneficial to coworkers’ health, but also the environment.
    According to Facility Executive, the cleaning industry is taking steps to ensure their products are sustainable. The news provider reports that the assessment they take into account includes energy used to create, water wasted and gas emissions when creating cleaning products. Companies were then told what they could improve upon in an effort to be more sustainable in their operations.
    There’s been a bigger push for sustainability in the cleaning industry, not just about how it’s run, but also the products themselves. According to Facilities Net, since there have been studies that severe chemicals can have long-last effects on occupants, building managers have been making a conscious effort to go green. The news provider reports that managers also take the cleaning crews’ well-being into account when making the switch to safer products, since they get closer exposure while on the job.