• The restaurant industry continues to be a major job supplier

  • There are always trends in employment depending on the sector, but one industry that has seen a lot of different workers is the restaurant industry. Countless people have walked the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen at one point in their lives, whether as a summer job, a second job or their full-time source of income. There will always be a drive for new hires in the restaurant sector.
    According to the Week, the restaurant industry has created nearly 200,000 jobs in 2017 alone, and some analysts believe it will eclipse the manufacturing sector in terms of jobs created in the coming years. The source suggests the only industry that has come close to nearly that amount of growth is the healthcare sector.
    While there has been a lot of growth in the restaurant industry, Thrillist reports there is still a shortage of cooks country-wide, hurting restaurants. The news provider reports while this is troubling from a manager perspective, it could be beneficial to restaurant workers as management tries to entice talent to stay on by offering job growth opportunities and financial incentives to stay on board. There has been a growing trend of training and job growth opportunities in an effort to drive employee loyalty.