• Corral all your supplies onto one cleaning cart.

  • In addition to a professional crew with cleaning carts, employees should do their best to keep the office tidy. You never know when a potential client meeting is going to happen, and you also want to be sure to keep the working space clean for your fellow employees. However, there are some hacks you can do to keep your office looking clean.

    Consumer Affairs suggests using cleaning carts to keep all your products in one place. Consider reserving a special place so all employees know exactly where they can pick up supplies, should there be a spill or something that needs attention. Additionally, the source reports that this makes the cleaning supplies easily transportable, so you don’t have to worry about trying to juggle multiple products at once.
    Not only does a clean office help impress outside customers, but it’s also beneficial to the employees who work there day to day. According to Business.com, the average employee spends up to 1.5 hours per day looking for things. If you keep the office clean and organized, it helps boost productivity because workers are spending less time sorting through the clutter. Any easy way to boost efficiency ultimately adds to your company’s bottom line.