• Help workers see the potential dangers on the job.

  • Falling at work can be common, particularly during a busy period where one may not be taking the time to survey their surroundings as they rush. It’s up to managers to make the workplace as safe as possible, by putting signs up, using anti-fatigue mats to provide some extra traction and by keeping buildings well-lit.
    According to EHS Today, there are some common misconceptions with personal safety in the workplace. For example, that awareness of one’s surroundings is the primary reason for an accident. However, the news provider points out that people may not realize certain things around them could be hazards. It’s up to managers to have proper signage warning of potential dangers. If an accident hasn’t yet occurred, that doesn’t mean there is not still a chance, and employees should be aware of any potential issues.
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests anything that’s considered dangerous should be labeled in red, so employees pay closer attention and know to proceed with caution. If someone should just be cautious of their surroundings, the agency recommends marking it with yellow. This approach is similar to roadside signs, letting people know when to stop or avoid and proceed with caution.