• The dangers of a dimly lit building

  • As a building manager, you know the frequency in which a light bulb goes out somewhere in the structure. However, you may not realize all of the safety and health implications that can come with a burnt light bulb.
    According to Buildings.com, having poor lighting in a building can cause workers eye strain, lower levels of concentration and can even lead to a bad mood. The news provider reports this can even happen in just a few minutes of experiencing bad lighting, not to mention if it’s an all day occurrence.
    Additionally, if rooms and hallways aren’t well-lit, it could increase workers’ chances of tripping over something due to their poor vision. According to Safety and Health Magazine, building managers should make sure that they’re on top of burned out light bulbs and replace them the second there is an issue. This can prevent employees from slipping on raised flooring or spills that they may not have seen if it were for poor lighting.
    Anti-fatigue mats are another way to add a layer of safety to the workplace. The rubber mats provide extra traction, so even if there is a spill on the ground