• More customers preferring quick-service in restaurant industry trend

  • The restaurant industry has had to adjust to trends that have dictated how managers offer up their service. There will always be a need for workers standing on anti-fatigue mats to make the long shifts more bearable, but how they serve food to customers has changed with time with the emergence of more quick-service options that appeal to customers.
    According to Nation’s Restaurant News, quick-service service is on the rise while sit-down establishments are on the decline. The news source reports that while fast-casual has caught up in recent years, this is the first time it has actually surpassed full-service establishments in a customer preference survey. The source reports that the findings were still close, but with full-service receiving a 78, it was the lowest the service has seen in 10 years.
    There’s also been a move to advance training programs in an effort to provide career paths in the food service industry. According to QSR Magazine, more restaurant employees are seeing career advancement opportunities in the field, as managers are working to establish more robust training programs and other education incentives. This can help improve employee morale and reduce the turnover rate, which is great when trying to retain top talent.