• Stay on top of mold control

  • Mold can be a problem in any building, but it’s critical to address the issue head on before it becomes a costly nuisance to eradicate. However, if you’re sending professionals with stocked cleaning carts around the building on a regular basis, you can help prevent mold from becoming a bigger problem.
    Buildings.com suggests there are a lot of ways to prevent mold from spreading that go beyond cleaning. Because it’s typically caused by excess moisture, fixing leaks anywhere around the building is a must. The news provider reports this means everything from pipes to roofs and any other structures where moisture may be getting through.
    The source also suggests taking control of the building’s humidity. By getting a meter to measure the level, you’ll be able to see if the air is straying from the optimal 30 to 50 percent range.
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as long as the mold problem takes up less area than 10 by 10 feet, your staff should be able to handle the situation on its own. However, if it is a problem that’s affecting a large part of your building, you may need to bring in a contractor or another professional to help contain the problem. Failure to address it could lead to bad air quality, affecting any of your building’s occupants.