• Staying clean doesn’t have to mean chemicals

  • Cleaning is always a high priority in any household or business. To keep unwanted bacteria from spreading, people will use microfiber cleaning cloths on any surfaces that could be contaminated. While there are powerful cleaning solutions out there, particularly on a commercial level, many people are wary of all the chemicals.

    For quick spot cleans, there are alternative solutions that won’t come with the excess chemicals. According to the Today Show, using vinegar is a great way to clean surfaces without worrying about the affect it’s having on them or yourself. The news provider reports the liquid can be used as a multipurpose cleaner. For example, if windows have streaks, mixing vinegar with water and rubbing the solution with a cloth will have them looking clear in no time.

    In addition to surfaces, the news provider also reports that vinegar can help clean drains. By pouring it down any drain once a week and then flushing it out with cold water, the sink will smell fresh.

    Another cleaning product that works well with a microfiber cleaning cloth that most people have in the kitchen is a lemon. According to Earth Easy, lemon juice can fight against a lot of common bacteria, all while giving off a fresh scent.

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