• Think about your company logo mat!

  • When thinking about your brand, how much do you put into the company logo? The logo goes on everything from all of your business cards, to your entryway mat to your front door. The logo is how all of your customers will recognize you, so a lot of thought needs to be put into it.

    The Huffington Post suggests getting your name out there as much as possible in order to help your business grow. The news provider suggests focusing less on having people make any purchases or even having an experience with your brand. They just need to know it at first. Being sure to put yourself out there can help broaden potential business.

    Having a memorable logo can help, as it will stand out in a potential customer’s mind. The Small Business Chronicle reports there are a lot of ways to interpret an eye-catching logo. For one option, think about the letters that are in your name. The news provider points out there are some design liberties you can take with them to create an eye-catching image. Another option, according to the news source, is to dive into what your company does and its value proposition, and determining how you can graphically represent it in a clean logo.