• Think about the customers when trying to refresh your brand

  • Companies go through stages of rebranding, particularly when they’re looking to excite a new audience or are trying to stay relevant with growing market trends. Before you go changing everything from your entryway logo mat to your front office mural, you’ll want to consider your new design route.

    According to Co.Design, the rise of the internet has brought on more people criticizing logos when they change. Companies need to think long and hard before they make the switch of something that has become synonymous with their overall branding. The news provider reports that this trend of outcry is indicative of just how much people care about logos of their favorite brands. Taking customer reactions into consideration before making a major switch can help businesses get a clearer picture of any branding change success.

    It’s all about how a company handles the change, but it doesn’t mean they can’t still proceed with plans. Forbes reports there comes a time when businesses know it’s time for a logo refresh. The news provider suggests if company executives think their logo is outdated and a rebrand could have a positive impact, they might want to consider really thinking about the switch. This can help an old company feel new again.