• Time to get ready for spring cleaning

  • Spring is a popular time for cleaning, but you want to make sure that you do your due diligence and really tackle the dirt and grime. A lot of residue can build up in the winter months, as people are trekking in weather from the outdoors. What’s important is that cleaning crews stay on top of it, so purchasing extra mop buckets, cleaning solutions and other tools can help with the process.

    According to KSL, a deep clean is critical during spring cleaning. Because there can be so much buildup, take the time to really deep clean problem areas. This can stop the problem from spreading further, and cleaning crews can then go back to routine maintenance in making sure that it doesn’t grow again. Additionally, the news provider suggests getting rid of clutter as much as possible, as this can help you see the real problems that have been building all season.

    Forbes suggests a good rule of thumb of getting rid of clutter is to keep anything you may need at arm’s length and store the rest. This way, you’re not constantly digging around in a cluttered environment and everything you need to do your job is right in front of you. This can also help bolster productivity.